Joey Davis

Walk With Me

A metaphor for where we go from here.

Published on By Joey Davis

Here, these shoes are for you, walk with me if you’d like.

I’ve already been walking, so I’ll tell you where we’ve been headed. You might know a better destination or means of getting there—feel free to suggest it.

If either of us get tired, we’ll rest and evaluate when we move forward again, together.

If we come across a new pair of shoes, we’ll discuss if you like the fit better or if they’re best suited for someone else. Maybe we bring the shoes with us in case we run across someone else that could use them. Perhaps we leave them as they were for the next person that comes by.

At some point, we may part ways. That’s ok. I’ll wish only the best for you and appreciate the opportunity of walking together. Take the shoes if you like or pass them on to someone else someday.


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Author: Joey Davis

A metaphor for where we go from here.