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Yes, You Can

Someone believes in you.

Published on By Joey Davis

It's incredible when someone else believes in you. For a moment, you'll be transported into the world of Peter Pan and have your own Tinkerbell moment. What's a Tinker Bell moment, you ask? Why it's the glow of someone else's belief in you. Someone believing in you is essentially them saying, "yes, you can." Maybe it's the overwhelming magic of Neverland, but for some of us in the anxious populace, a thinking error can let self-doubt creep in anyway.

Someone else's belief in us can feel like an expectation that must be met at all costs. We don't want to disappoint that person. The anxiety stems from an internal fear that you will fail to meet that expectation. The self-doubt says, "This other person may think I can, but what if I can't?" Anxiety is something that everyone experiences at some point in their lives or careers. Left unchecked, it will hinder our potential.

Consider it this way: When someone believes in you, they are telling you that from their perspective and the impression you have given them thus far, you are competent and have what it takes. The only way you can't is if you get in your own way, and they know it. They aren't expressing expectations *for *you, but rather confidence *in *you. They are empowering you to do things that they know you are capable of. They are allowing you to succeed. That's all.


Don't mistake someone's belief in you for an expectation. Consider it an opportunity to succeed.

Instead of wondering what expectation can be discerned from someone else's belief in us, we should tell ourselves: I can. Following that, ask yourself: **Will I? **It's incredible when someone else believes in you. Have you tried believing in yourself?

Be brave. Do the thing.


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Someone believes in you.